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Family Studies and Child Development Department


Family Studies and Child Development Department(FCSD) of Shih Chien University is the first academic institute to focus on family issues, formerly established in 1958 as Home Economics Department. The department offers undergraduate programs consisting of family life education and preschool educator and three master programsFamily Counseling and Guidance, Family Services for the Elderly and Analytical Psychology. Over the past five decades, thousands of our graduates have served in various levels of government, kindergartens, non-profit organizations, and institutes for family and the elderly.

To equip students with the knowledge needed to serve for families, children and the elderly.
To educate the students with the faith and attitude for caring the society by service learning.

Professional training is strengthen by modular courses
●To provide family life education program, preschool educator program, and services for the elderly program.
●To required students to have internships in preschools, parent-child centers, and family related institutes.

Academic knowledge is achieved by practical operations
●To hold practical workshops on the topics of early childhood or family life education.
●To invite experts from industry or alumni sharing their experiences with students.

Humanity solicitude is cultivated through service learning
●To equip students with humanity solicitude by service learning in Taiwan or overseas , such as Thailand.

Global perspective is broaden through international exchange programs & internship
●To have exchange students programs with American Sister Schools, such as University of Wisconsin at River Falls.
●To provide overseas internship opportunities, including Singapore and China.

●Full-time Professor
●Adjunct Professor

M.A. Program


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